We provide the resources needed for large customers to implement Energy Efficiency Projects.
A True Sustainable Solution for Energy Efficiency Projects
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Lighting efficiency has improved drastically over the past 30 years. STS can show you how to add ROI to your bottom line.
Lighting has evolved.
So can you.
From Lighting, Auditing, Engineering, and Implementation of specifics... we have you covered.
STS provides a Turnkey Solution
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Managing Your Energy Efficiency Projects

Our goal at Sustainable Turnkey Solutions is to provide the resources needed for large, multi-site customers, to implement energy efficiency projects at extremely competitive levels... without losing site of the fundamental reason we do this work, to help save the environment.  Learn more About Us.


STS provides multiple options utilizing the latest technologies for environmentally friendly, long life, energy solutions. Our focus is to utilize products and services that follow this premise.


STS provides a complete turnkey solution. This includes a fully engineered audit with multiple options, all materials, labor, incentive, administration, disposal, recycling, and closeout.


Our number ONE priority is helping our clients implement multi-site upgrades utilizing the latest in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

Sustainable Turnkey Solutions manages your energy efficient lighting projects

Who is Sustainable Turnkey Solutions?

With over 40 years of combined experience conducting lighting retrofits in well over 100 million square ft of property, for some of the largest corporations in the world, the core staff at STS provides the expertise needed to implement projects in almost any industry.

Years of hands on, practical experience

Have Audited, Engineered and Installed more locations than others

Our solutions lead to ROI improvements to your bottom line

Industries We Serve

STS focuses on lighting because of the quick payback and implementation time. These savings will enable our customers to fund other energy efficient projects and work to get "off the grid".


Lighting | HVAC | Air | Gas | Water | Cogeneration | Renewable Energy


Commercial companies are always looking to save on reoccurring utility expenses.


Industrial companies can benefit most from a retrofit energy lighting solution.


One of the biggest expenses that a City has is for lighting of buildings and streets.


All Federal departments are looking to save on utilities to run more efficiently.


Retail chains find that improving lighting has increased the customer experience.

The Healthcare industry is changing rapidly with the evolution of technology.