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Project Financing

Bringing Your Efficiency Projects To Life

Different Financing Options

Energy efficiency projects are a smart investment for businesses that can help to reduce costs and provide operational benefits. Once STS provides your organization with a full audit to identify the different ways we can help reduce and control energy costs, there are numerous energy efficiency financing options available to support businesses that do not have the capital readily available or want to retain cash for other purposes.

Some of the different considerations to factor in when determining which financing option is right for your business include your overall energy efficiency goals, eligible technologies for financing, timing on installation, project size, and payback period terms.

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Utilize Capital For Other Business Needs

FInance Vehicles

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ring-light 1 Traditional Loan

A conventional loan obtained through a financial institution can finance the entire cost of the installation. Depending on the lender and your credit, payback periods and interest rates will vary


filter 1 Equipment Lease

An equipment lease is a type of financing that is primarily reserved for a project involving the replacement of a piece of equipment. This type of financing can offer up to 100% financing via capital or operating lease and have varying payback repayment periods and underlying interest rates.

tool 1 Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

This type of financing offers up to 100% financing and the project is off the business’ balance sheet. This type of loan is administered through a registered financial institution. The payback periods and interest rates vary with PACE financing, and the loan is repaid as a property tax assessment.

city 1 Energy Savings Agreement

An ESA is a financing contract that permits energy efficiency to be packaged as a service that building owners pay for through savings. It offers up to 100% financing and the project is off the business’ balance sheet. ESAs have varying payback periods and interest rates.

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No Upfront Capital

Advantages of Financing Your Project

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Bulb One Stop Shop

STS eliminates the need for organizations to work with multiple agencies to drive efficiency projects. From audit, to financing, to project completion, STS has you covered.

Bulb Access To Non-Traditional Products

STS has lending partners that fit the way all types of organizations want to contract efficiency projects. From leases to off-balance-sheet funding, our team will find the right fit for yours.

Bulb Refocus Capital

By working with STS to finance energy projects, organizations can focus their capital dollars on growing other areas of their business.

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