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Do you ever go to a website and hunt around to just try and figure out what the company does and what they are trying to say? It seems like companies can get caught up in their brand, message, vision, capabilities, and mission statements, only to lose sight of just explaining what they do and who they are.

It may be my simple way of thinking, but I wanted to share a small piece of who we really are. My hope is that when you visit this site you have a complete understanding of Sustainable Turnkey Solutions (STS).

Our vision from day one was to be an energy services company that is not pushing one manufacturer over another but providing a truly agnostic approach to a solution. We wanted the flexibility to ramp up for any size client to make sure the job was done no matter what the project may be. To be a true turnkey, carbon-reduction company for all commercial facilities.

I am proud to say that we have accomplished this in many ways since 2015. We have completed a few thousand locations over the years and built longstanding relationships with many large national accounts as well as smaller companies with multiple locations.

We work with large Fortune 100 companies and many smaller regional companies. We can implement projects much faster, at a lower cost, and with improved efficiencies over large energy service companies. This is due to our low overhead, our network of partners around the globe, our relationships at the manufacturers’ level, and our utilization of a local workforce in each city. These are contractors who deserve the opportunity to do the work and, in many cases, already have earned that work with our clients. We also use this sub-contractor model to keep those dollars within that local economy.

For companies looking for a lifelong energy services company that can help them implement a carbon reduction plan at their facilities, that is who we are.  We are creating strategies, and setting milestones and firm dates to hit carbon reduction targets for companies that did not have a plan formulated.

We are genuinely helping our environment by implementing these projects, tracking carbon reduction, hitting sustainability goals, and leaving the planet in better shape for our kids, grandkids, and generations to come.

That is who we are.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Lynn – CEO


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