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Building Health

Promoting Building Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety

Promoting Health Through Efficiency

The path to a healthier society starts with healthy buildings. Whether it is the office you work in or the school that your child attends, facilities are turning to technologies and energy-efficient solutions to increase productivity, safety, and comfort.

These solutions are helping organizations propel forward business goals. STS clients are realizing quick ROI as we are able to improve operating efficiency, and boost productivity, while accelerating sustainability and increasing revenue opportunities.

Healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings are the future. STS is helping create strategies for many types of organizations based on their goals and objectives.


Happy business woman with coworkers meeting
Happy business woman with coworkers meeting
Increase Value of Your Assets

Optimize Building Performance


ring-light 1 Asset Performance

  • Asset life
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Increased uptime


filter 1 Operational Performance

  • Continuity
  • Equipment usage
  • Resilience
  • Workflow

tool 1 Building Performance

  • Advanced security
  • Compliance
  • Emergency response


city 1 Remote Operations

  • Monitor
  • Control
  • Maintain
Preparing For The Future

Benefits of Healthy Buildings

Disinfection Worker on Stairs Outdoors

Bulb Promote Occupancy Wellness

  • Keep occupants healthy & safe
  • Deliver personalized experiences
  • Ensure comfort & wellness

Bulb Improve Employee Performance

  • Increase engagement
  • Drive productivity
  • Increase confidence
  • Support retention

Bulb Future Proof Your Building

  • Space optimization
  • Resource Planning
Disinfection Worker on Stairs Outdoors

Discover The Path Towards Improved Wellness

Find out how STS can improve your building health


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