Utility Cost Recovery

Identify Errors on Utility Inoivces

Utility Bill Audits

STS helps customers initiate a contingency-based refund and cost reduction service to recover funds from electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and sewage accounts. This is available in all states and can discover errors, over-taxation, and improper tariffs that can result in thousands of dollars recovered for our clients.

This program provides customers with the peace of mind that their current utility services have been optimized, and that they are paying the lowest cost possible for these services. With over 100 different data points on a typical invoice, we find errors with almost 9 out of 10 customers that qualify. With no upfront cost and a shared savings model, this program is a simple way to add additional funds to your organizations operating budget through credits and direct payments from your utilities.


business success and money concept with bitcoins
business success and money concept with bitcoins
Recoup Overpayments and inaccurate charges

The Path To Recovery


ring-light 1 Electricity Invoices

  • Negotiate refunds on your behalf with electric provider
  • Technical analysis of rates, schedules, and metering
  • Implement riders, provisions, and discounts to reduce cost per unit charges

filter 1 Natural Gas Invoices

  • Develop expense reduction opportunities
  • Review of supply agreements
  • Recommendations based on usage, industry, and demand

tool 1 Water & Sewer

  • Reduce costs that may result from leakage consumption
  • Verify current meter usage
  • Place organization in eligible water cost savings programs

city 1 Telecommunications Accounts

  • Secure refunds due to vendor discrepancies
  • Reduce monthly service charges
  • Compare existing service with current market conditions and programs available
Put Money back into your operating budget

Benefits of Our Recovery Program


Bulb Money In Your Operating Budget

  • Recoup funds erroneously paid
  • Optimize current services

Bulb No Financial Risk

The recovery program is contingency-based, so if no errors are found, your company pays nothing. However, 9 out of 10 clients receive a substantial refund, so chances are good that your organization will receive value from our effort.

Bulb Save Money In The Future

Not only does this program recoup funds you have already paid to each respective utility, but in many cases, we can find ways to augment your service to drive down future costs.


Find Out How Much Your Company Can Recover

Start the path to recovery, and cost savings


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