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Demand Response

Generate Revenue While Reducing Costs

Understanding Demand Response

Demand response programs are designed to incentivize energy users to curtail their consumption to reduce the overall stress on the energy grid during peak times. When the demand for energy outpaces the grid’s ability to supply it, local systems operators will call a demand response event, in which participants will help reduce the load on the grid. Through participation, customers receive payments ongoing throughout the year. Depending on your organization’s ability to curtail, this can mean thousands of dollars in additional revenue to your operating budget.

Automated Demand Response:

Technology has changed the demand response landscape by allowing almost any type and size of building to participate in curtailment programs. STS can help customers to qualify for automated demand response, which utilizes existing building equipment to curtail during peak events. This can be achieved by building automation systems, smart thermostats, as well as other connected devices. Many utilities offer rebates and incentives


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Making Demand Response Work For You

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ring-light 1 Monetize Flexible Energy Use

  • Obtain lower energy costsby curtailing energy usage at peak times when energy is more expensive.
  • Leads to lower overall prices for energy in the long term.


filter 1 Fund Your Next Efficiency Project

  • Payments can be reinvested into better energy management tools.
  • Free up capital through reduced operating budget.

tool 1 Protect Your Daily Operations

  • Protect operationsfrom any sudden disruptions.
  • Address compliance issues.
  • Manage market exposure.

city 1 Benefit Your Community

  • Contribute to a more reliable electricity grid.
  • Meet renewable energy goals.
Male hand holding smartphone with financial forex graph chart on screen
Monetize The Way Your Company Uses Power

Benefits of Demand Response

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Bulb Generate Revenue

By participating in demand response, your organization will be incentivized based on the amount of energy you are able to curtail during each event.

Bulb Access To Rebates

In many cases, customers gain access to federal, state, and local utility rebates for doing their part to reduce stress on the energy grid.

Bulb Additional Utility Bill Savings

In addition to the direct payments that companies receive, there is potential to avoid peak demand charges, and even post into a less expensive service class.

list-bullet Energy Decarbonization

Another feature of participation in demand response is the reduction of the organization’s carbon footprint. Generating revenue, and propelling forward an ESG initiative provides end-users multiple ways to receive value from demand response.

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Find Out How Much Your Organization Qualifies For

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