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Energy Procurement

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Energy Supply Solutions

In confronting the current volatile energy climate, organizations have become more proactive in managing their energy costs. The management of ever-increasing energy prices requires energy procurement and risk management optimization. In order to achieve this, it requires a comprehensive approach that could be implemented alongside energy-efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption. When focusing on energy procurement, an analysis of existing energy use patterns, historical costs, utility tariffs, market trends, and the different product offers is required to make intelligent decisions on your energy strategy.

STS provides cost analysis services to commercial, industrial, and institutional facility managers that are looking for ways to reduce costs and project future energy budgets. This analysis is focused on an organization’s specific energy profile helps identify hedging opportunities, and provides confidence that companies are making the right energy procurement decisions for their business.

The STS process includes a competitive RFP process which helps to increase the chances that the best-qualified energy provider is matched with the customer’s specific energy needs. We also help educate customers on what the best product type will be given the current and expected market conditions. With minimal bandwidth needed on the client side, our process can be an asset to your organization’s overall energy strategy.

Drive Down Your Operating Budget

Combat Rising Energy Costs


ring-light 1 Electricity & Natural Gas

In deregulated states customers can choose where the energy supply comes from. This can help organizations reduce their total energy spend by up to 30%


filter 1 Renewable Procurement

Consumers can designate what percentage of their energy supply comes from renewable energy sources.

tool 1 Mitigate Risk

Balance your organizations desire for short term savings, with their need to manage risk long term.

city 1 Budget Certainty

Locking into a price for a specified term allows companies to budget their energy costs for years into the future.


Advantages of Energy Procurement


Bulb Reduce Costs

Lower overall utility cost –  Utility costs increase on average 3%-5% annually. Mitigation of these increases can be achieved by taking control of supply costs.

Bulb Access To Renewable Resources

Deregulation is a simple way for organizations to access green energy to push forward carbon reduction strategies.

Bulb Risk Management

Create a competitive advantage through a purchasing strategy that mirrors how your company uses energy.


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