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Reducing Water & Sewer Spend

Brains For Your Water Meter

Actual water consumption is often inconsistent with the water meter reading due to aeration (gas bubbles) in the meter housing, cavitation, pressure drops, or even leaks. Our approach is site-by-site-specific, and we typically see 14-22% savings on water bills once a site has been qualified.  Return on investments is routinely in the 2–3-year range but this depends on your location and provider.  The ability to report reduced water consumption is a positive metric to report to your stakeholders, clients, and your employees.

Leak detection and alarming is a critical component of asset preservation.  There is over $2.5 billion per year that is lost from damage caused by water leaks.  These leaks in many cases can go undetected for months or even years.  The monetary cost, physical damage to the property, and issues with health problems caused can be devastating for a business.  Luckily, the latest technologies in this space are now practicable, more centralized, less invasive, and cost-conscious.  The payback on leak detection can be meaningful both in the prevention of loss and the reduction of water bills.


Seattle, Washington, USA,Industrial Processing Plant
Seattle, Washington, USA,Industrial Processing Plant
Efficient Water SYSTEMS

Reduce Water & Sewer Costs

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ring-light 1 Cooling Towers

Implementing efficiency measures to reduce the need for building heating and cooling will reduce the amount of water required by these systems.

filter 1 Boilers

Monitor boiler water chemistry to minimize mineral buildup and maximize the number of times water can be recycled through the system.

tool 1 Restroom/Kitchen Efficiency

Installing efficient faucets, toilets, and other water fixtures can reduce consumption by as much as 20%.

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REDUCING COSTS & Increasing Efficiency

Advantages of Water Efficiency

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Bulb Reduce Costs


  • Reduced operating costs through water savings.
  • Reduced energy bills through less cost to heat water.

Bulb Reduced Carbon Footprint

Energy saved from reducing the amount of water supplied will not only save money but reduce the building’s carbon footprint as well.

  • Achieve green certification
  • Demonstrate leadership in environmental management
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