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Onsite Generation

Become a Power Producer While Generating Savings

Generation Solutions

Due to aging infrastructure across the U.S., there is a growing issue with power reliability. For many organizations, a power interruption can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue and man-hours. STS can help companies with instant backup power that can sustain long-duration outages while creating considerable energy savings.

Through an onsite power system, we can design a system that will provide reliability, and resiliency, and unlock revenue opportunities. This system can serve as the foundational building block for future distributed energy resource projects

STS can utilize a Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”) paired with an engine that provides near-instant backup power for short or long-duration outages which provides facilities with a seamless and no blip transfer from Utility power for outage or energy management purposes.

Our team can design, install, own, operate, and maintain a system through an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) which can include various insurance products.


transformation power station portrait
transformation power station portrait

Generation Solutions For Your Specific Needs

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ring-light 1 Reliability

With no upfront capital cost, our team can design a generation system for your facility that can:

  • NO CAPEX required
  • Deploy natural gas engines in 500kw increments
  • Provide a no-blip power experience when operating in the energy markets
  • Handles all O&M, monitoring, permitting, and reporting
  • Focuses on generating revenue and savings through various value levers in the energy markets

filter 1 Reliability +

Utilize existing backup generation to pair with our reliability system.

  • No CAPEX required
  • No utility interconnection required
  • Provide conditioned power and no-blip power experience in under 4ms
  • Pairs with any onsite renewables
  • Focusing on creating revenue and savings

tool 1 Energy Autonomy

Able to deploy in 1MW or 5MW increments and built to handle long durations off-grid with prime rated engine.

  • No CAPEX required
  • No utility interconnection needed
  • Handle all O&M, monitoring, permitting and reporting
  • Pairs with onsite renewables
  • Focused on generating revenue and savings

city 1 Virtual Utility

This option would act as your facility’s utility by becoming the prime source of power.

  • No CAPEX
  • All O&M, monitoring, permitting, and reporting
  • Focused on reliability and resiliency

Bulb Power-As-A-Service

Start the path towards becoming a power producer with no upfront capital.

  • Deployed through an Energy Services Agreement (ESA)
  • Increase resiliency & reliability
  • Dramatically drive down operation costs
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Increase Resiliency & Reliability

Advantages of Onsite Generation

Large transformer at the power plant

Bulb Energy Cost Savings

When the cost of generating power onsite is less than the cost of buying the power, you pocket the cost savings

Bulb Power Quality

Generation, together with a power storage system, can offer improved power quality. Harmonics, voltage sag and momentary outages can all be prevented through the use of such systems.

Bulb Reliability

On-site generation can provide an essential redundancy to power provided by the local electric utility.

Large transformer at the power plant

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