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As commercial organizations evolve with internal goals and public initiatives, so too do their energy needs. With this evolution, their need to find the right partner that can handle multiple facets of their energy services has grown. The challenges and bandwidth required to track down multiple companies to accomplish a single need have proven daunting.

These needs are the main reason STS was formed. The STS team provides all of the traditional services and solutions that the big ESCOs provide. However, we have broadened our scope of services to be able to provide many of those ancillary energy services to our clients to ensure speed to market on their needs, and a trusted, efficient partner that they can always turn to.


electrician testing industrial machine
electrician testing industrial machine
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Additional Services

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ring-light 1 Network Infrastructure

IT/OT convergence is critical to building network design and our team of experts can advise and implement future-proof networks that complement various building technologies and that offer additional layers of security when compared to traditional facilities set up that contain a patchwork of building technologies as an afterthought.


filter 1 Commercial Laundry

Utilizing similar technologies and fundamentals that we apply to HVAC; STS can make commercial laundry systems far more efficient in many cases.  Recapturing heat loss and reducing water waste is often low-hanging fruit when making commercial laundry systems green.

tool 1 Commercial Kitchens

Commercial grade kitchens are some of the worst energy intensity culprits among all industries. This is due in part to the continual rejection and intake of massive heating and cooling loads produced by cooking and refrigeration cycles.  Our team can help organizations identify simple concepts that can make these processes far more efficient.  This is a benefit not only to the reduction of utility costs but also to the longevity of complex and expensive equipment associated with these processes.

city 1 Cameras & Access Controls

Cameras and access controls do not have to be stand-alone systems.  They can and should be integrated into the same building automation platform used to complement HVAC and lighting to drive efficiencies.  Doing this in a complementary manner and at the same time often makes the total project less expensive and faster.  This aids property managers and building operators to be more responsive and efficient.  In short, utilizing cameras and access control technology to complement smart HVAC and lighting systems will deliver maximum value to owners, operators, and occupants.  Our brand agnostic approach allows us to deliver the right technology for the right application at a competitive price.

list-bullet Energy Metering

Electric, water, or gas, our approach to energy metering can be as simple as tenant billing allocations or as complex as sophisticated energy consumption analysis.  Metering and verification are also critical aspects of ESG reporting and targeting energy improvement in an intelligent, targeted manner rather than just guessing. Carbon offsets and credits can also be evaluated and transacted using utility-grade metering as proof of offset.

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Advantages of Partnering With STS

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Bulb Save Time & Money

Working with STS will not only save your company money but time as well. The ability to pick up the phone and speak with your STS representative provides facility managers peace of mind that a trusted source is only a phone call away.

Bulb Identify All Efficient Solutions

Gone are the days when an organization needs to work with a firm for lighting, another one for your HVAC, and a third outfit to help determine your next energy-saving project. STS can provide you all of these items and more with a phone call and single site visit.

Bulb Design-Engineer-Finance-Implement

Not only can our team identify all the potential cost and energy savings measures, but STS can also design solutions, fund the project, and bring the project to life.

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