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Propel Forward Your Environmental, Social, and Governance Initiatives

Sustainable Practices

A business sustainability plan can help your organization develop a strategy to create financial, societal, and environmental sustainability. Every business impacts its community and that communities’ resources, so your sustainable planning can have a positive impact on the environment, your business, and its consumers.

Regardless of whether your organization has already activated the process of pushing forward sustainability goals, or you are just trying to get started, STS can provide valuable insight that can maximize capital dollars and minimize employee bandwidth for your organization to meet those goals. Our team is prepared to help you on your journey to net zero. STS can help train your team, provide a carbon reporting platform, and create a strategy that focuses on how your organization uses energy, and what your ultimate goals are to reduce carbon.

In order to ensure that your organization develops a plan that has the maximum potential for success, we believe it is essential to establish a clear value proposition for net zero within your organization and appoints senior-level sponsorship ahead of the trail to commencement. Our team can help provide a clear line of sight on how to get started and travel that path with your sustainability team.

Alternative energy in Poland. Solar panels on field. Aerial view
Alternative energy in Poland. Solar panels on field. Aerial view
Developing A Carbon Reducing Plan

Sustainable Strategies

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ring-light 1 Education

Helping clients understand what efficient solutions and emerging technologies are available to help propel their sustainability goals forward.

filter 1 Assess Areas To Improve

Delivering a full audit of a facility to determine the impact of different solutions.

tool 1 Finding The Right Cadence

Putting together a strategy that works with a business’ goals and objectives.

city 1 Implementation

Organizing and managing the rollout of our strategic plan.

Group Sustainability-As-A-Service

Taking a turnkey approach to tackling your organizations carbon reduction initiatives.

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Moving Towards Net Zero

Advantages of a Sustainable Partnership With STS

A wind turbine. Electricity wind generator

Bulb Reduce Carbon Footprint

STS helps organizations to reach sustainability goals and reach ESG milestones by building a strategic plan based on the client’s objectives.

Bulb Attract New Customers

Increase new customer engagement through public display of sustainable goals.

Bulb Support Local Communities

An organization’s commitment to sustainable practices increases jobs, health, and safety in the local community.

A wind turbine. Electricity wind generator

Start a Sustainability Conversation

Start the path to building comfort, and cost savings


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