Chiller tower or cooling tower on rooftop of a office building. System work. Architecture machine. Condenser Water Supply (CDS) and Condenser Water Return (CDR) pipe lines. Ventilation compressor.

Mechanical Solutions

Solutions for Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Mechanical & Controls

Heating & Cooling: Here at STS, we focus on HVAC as one of the core solutions for businesses, as it accounts for roughly half of a building’s energy costs. Regardless of the size of an HVAC system, we provide insight to our clients to help them understand how HVAC can be an energy and sustainability process rather than simply a necessary financial burden. STS will deliver clients a brand agnostic approach that will bring value through innovative engineering and design solutions tailored for comfort and operational cost reduction. Our national account purchasing power, lower overhead, and unique financing allow far more flexibility and often up-front cost savings than the traditional approach.

Building Automation/Controls: When it comes to controlling your building’s processes, our team focuses on guiding our clients towards non-proprietary systems that will work across multiple platforms and products.  We simplify processes to enable a property manager or building engineer the ability to manage a facility on a single device or computer.  Streamlining the building management experience enables a facility to perform more efficiently and utilize fewer man-hours for on-site staff.  Additionally, a non-proprietary system saves thousands of dollars during a tenant buildout as there can be numerous bidders and numerous contractors that can perform services or updates.


Heat pump room in commercial building
Heat pump room in commercial building
Efficient Mechanical SYSTEMS

HVAC/Controls Solutions


ring-light 1 Rooftop RTUs

Thermal comfort, and indoor air quality designed to operate the way you do

filter 1 Building Controls

Open source controls to create an intelligent building to handle your HVAC And security needs

tool 1 Central Plant

Design and construct a central plant or cogeneration system providing power, heat, and/or cooling to your facility or campus

Bulb System Retrofits

Combining your existing infrastructure with the latest technology to create a cost-effective, energy-efficient system

Group Energy-As-A-Service

Bundle mechanical with other discovered cost savings solutions without touching your capital budget

REDUCING COSTS & Increasing Comfort

Advantages of a STS HVAC Retrofit

Industrial air conditioner eight sections

Bulb Reduce Costs

For legacy mechanical systems, a full energy assessment can drive forward:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower overall utility cost –  including demand and delivery charges

Bulb Improved Building Comfort

A properly engineered HVAC system will provide advantages like:

  • Better maintained temperature
  • Proper control of humidity
  • Increased air quality

Bulb Control & Visibility

Building controls can easily be implemented into existing infrastructure that controls HVAC, security, access control, cameras, and other similar systems that will provide your facility with:

  • Operational control
  • Organizational KPIs
  • Full automation


Industrial air conditioner eight sections

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