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Thank you for partnering with Sustainable Turnkey Solutions. We are excited to work together with you to develop energy efficiency projects for your referrals. Our solutions will bring tremendous value to organizations that will help to reduce energy costs and provide operational benefits. This resource page will serve as the hub for you to gain access to everything you need to develop a successful pipeline of prospects that will generate revenue for you and your team.

In addition to the various documents you will find available to you, it is equally important for you to work with your STS business development manager, (BDM) to understand the qualifications, documentation, and required data points needed to build a quality project. We offer continued training through whitepapers, webinars, and in-person learning sessions.

Please explore the various resources and let us know if you have any questions, or need any additional materials. Remember: The STS Team will help you along this journey with expertise, professionalism, and ongoing training to ensure that we maximize efforts, and streamline processes towards an efficient, long-term relationship.


Business partnership and teamwork concept.
Business partnership and teamwork concept.

One Team

One Common Goal

The STS team works with our partners to define the best go-to-market strategy for STS to engage your customer, plan a strategy that is valuable and cost-effective, and deliver quality to your prospect. These processes and procedures are designed to create a bilateral value for both of our organizations. While no two opportunities will be the same, and deviation from our typical process may be necessary based on the client’s needs or scope of work, our formula represents the best framework to ensure good communication, and a smooth process to move the prospect through the sales process.

The goal for STS and the referral partner will be to work together and follow this repeatable process to develop comfort with the prospect and address their energy needs together.

Partner Resource Pages

Here you will find different sections that contain important resources to use while engaging prospective customers. Each section has a button under the description that will take you to either a video you can watch or a document you can download. If after reviewing these resources, you feel like you don’t understand, or need more information, please reach out to your BDM who will provide you with anything additional that is needed.

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Important Documents

In this section, you will find any official document needed to gather data, qualify customers, or provide legal documentation for a prospect.


Marketing Collateral

In this section, you will find any available marketing materials that you can use to showcase the STS capabilities to a prospect. Co-Branded materials are available upon request.

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Prospect Checklists

In this section, you will find any available checklists that you can use to qualify a prospect and to collect the pertinent data needed for our team to start a conversation with them.


Learning Center

Here you will find any whitepapers, videos, or other training documents that will help you better understand what STS does, and how we look to setup each prospective client engagement for success.


Our strategy to a healthy pipeline, and continued revenue

STS has developed an efficient and effective 5-step process that we navigate with all new prospective customers. This process is easy to follow and ensures we are organized and thorough in setting up a new opportunity. By following this process, our potential to create a successful project goes up dramatically.

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1 – Start The Conversation

Your STS business development manager, (BDM) will work with you to collect a little information on the prospect, and schedule a discovery call between our team the client.

2 – Discovery Call

Our partners are invited to participate in an initial call with the prospect to discuss their business, find out more about STS, and determine whether we will be a good fit to work together on improving the efficiency of their facility

3 – Full Facility Audit

Once we determine that the customer would like STS to put together solutions for their building, we will create a scope of work and any fees associated with a site visit. STS will send out the team to collect everything needed to create an efficiency strategy for the customer.

4 – Proposal Presentation

Once the audit is complete, our team will engineer and design the solutions that we determine will hit the customer’s goals and objectives. This information will be provided in a proposal that we will deliver, and discuss with the customer.

5 – Implementation

Our team will assign a project manager to oversee the project. They will be the liaison between the customer and the contractors to ensure a smooth process that will bring the project to completion to the satisfaction of the customer.

5(a) – Partner Compensation

Once our team completes our 5 step process, we will collect any outstanding balance for services rendered to the customer. Once funds are received, STS will pay out all commissions to our partners within 30 days of receiving them.

Answers to get you started

Frequently Asked Questions


GreenEnergySymbol.I02.2k Who Is The Perfect Prospect?

The simple answer is: Anyone that uses a lot of energy, or have multiple locations in their portfolio. 

Our team can identify solutions for any type of customer. However, to really make a project worth the customer’s while, as well as drive decent revenue to our partners, we try and focus on organizations that have a monthly energy spend of $10k and up.


filter 1 How Do I Start a Conversation?

Regardless of whether you have a previous relationship with the prospect, or they are new to you, there is a simple way to start a dialogue with a customer. We suggest you let your contact know that you work with STS and that they are helping similar type companies achieve substantial reductions in cost and carbon. Tell them you would like to make an introduction to see if STS would be a fit to become a valuable resource for their energy needs.

tool 1 What Information Does STS Need Prior To Speaking To The Prospect?

We would like to gather some very basic data from the customer to help us direct the initial discovery call. Although we are able to talk to anyone without prior data, the more information we are able to gather upfront, the more value we can discuss with the customer on our first engagement.

city 1 What if I Have Minimal Efficiency Knowledge?

Most of the STS partners have little to no experience with energy efficiency. The strength of our partnership together is the expertise of STS, combined with your working relationship with the prospect. Together we can provide communication, transperency and professionalism to every client we speak with.

list-bullet What if My Prospect Does Not Have a Capital Budget for Improvements?

Regardless of whether your prospect has an annual building improvement budget or not, we are able to help develop a plan and find a financial vehicle that will help get projects off the ground. In the section below you will find information on the various ways we can help fund projects for motivated customers.

No Upfront Capital

Creative Ways To Finance Projects

Financial data analysis

Bulb Traditional Loan

STS can identify multiple lending institutions that specialize in traditional energy efficiency loans. Rather than the customer shop around for the best offers, STS can vet these companies and bring the best options to the table for the client.

Bulb As-A-Service Financing

We have relationships with lenders that focus on off-balance-sheet financing. This keeps the customer cashflow positive from day one and allows them to propel approvals forward based on structure.

Bulb C-Pace Financing

Commercial property-assessed clean energy (CPACE) is a financing structure in which building owners borrow money for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or other projects and make repayments via an assessment on their property tax bill.

Financial data analysis

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