Lynn Hawkins – President/CEO

Lynn Hawkins is the President/CEO of Sustainable Turnkey Solutions, LLC (“STS”). Hawkins has over 30 years of sales and project management experience working with national accounts and has helped numerous companies improve their business by implementing industry leading energy efficiency programs.

My Father Inspired Me

In Lynn’s words “My dad convinced me to come work for him at an electrical distributor when I was very young. I was very reluctant because I wanted to follow my own dreams of touring with a band, travelling the country, and making my own way, just like he did. Starting a brand new family changed things. My father was born into a very poor family and through blood, sweat, and tears he worked his way up to a vice president position at Missouri Valley Electric. He became one of the most well respected members of the electrical distribution community in the Midwest. I told him I would come on board but it would be a summer job just to help pay the food bill for the two new little boys that were now part of our family. I literally started in the basement cutting wire, moved to the warehouse, the receiving dock, the parts counter, inside sales, and eventually outside sales. Those two boys became three and that summer job lasted 13 years. During that time, and the additional years of working with other firms, I learned so many things from my dad as well as some very exceptional managers, sales people, customers, presidents, and co-workers. My hope is to take something from both the good and the bad that I saw in these people and build a company that will set the bar so high there is virtually no other firm that will even come close.”

Business Development

During those years of working with Missouri Valley Electric Lynn began building a relationship with Southwestern Bell supplying them electrical supplies and lighting. Along the way these business friends would introduce him to their superiors which led him to begin working with SBC Communications. He established one of the first national account programs for energy efficiency over 20 years ago and his customer partners followed him to three additional companies. Each move was formulated to help handle the additional scope of work that was being given to him by SBC, Pacific Bell, Ameritech, Bellsouth, SNET, and eventually AT&T. To this day Lynn still maintains those friendships with these property managers and has helped AT&T implement well over 50 million square ft of energy efficiency projects. Lynn was implementing turnkey lighting retrofit projects back in the 80’s before it was the cool thing to do.

A Larger Vision

While working alongside the energy teams within AT&T, and other firms, Lynn began to see a need for an experienced company to help these customers make decisions on product, design, and a standard scope of work. He wanted to help these large corporations manage extremely large energy efficiency rollouts utilizing more of an “open book” process. Helping to design the program, build the standard scope of work, and then bring in multiple labor bids for the customer as well as multiple material bids. By working with the many partners Hawkins had built relationships with over the last 30 years, Lynn has now created a firm that can handle not only multi-site rollouts in the U.S., but throughout the world. He has built a lean staff of incredibly experienced personnel that are some of the best in the industry. Lynn created Sustainable Turnkey Solutions. A company that can manage and implement virtually any energy conservation measure, in virtually any country in the world, utilizing state of the art engineering and project management software.

Hawkins’s vision for Sustainable Turnkey Solutions is based on a commitment to excellence with which customers can expect the highest quality of service, cutting edge energy solutions, and state of the art project management. His goal is to make STS a trusted resource and partner for its customer’s energy programs for years to come.