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HILTON SUPPLY MANAGEMENT has partnered with Sustainable Turnkey Solutions (STS) to assist hotels with transitioning their properties to all LED lighting consistent with Hilton brand standards.

For three decades, Sustainable Turnkey Solutions has helped businesses find the best energy efficiency solutions for their organization’s goals and objectives.

STS works with global companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Intel to help assess, audit, propose, and install full turnkey lighting retrofit projects. STS will work with Hilton Supply Management to utilize all current lighting agreements. A national network of contractors will be used to implement projects. Our team will also identify all available rebates and incentives to drive down project costs.

The STS team will provide a complete turnkey proposal together that includes all materials, (priced through Hilton’s corporate lighting program), labor, recycling and waste, utility rebates, tax incentives, funding options outside of using capital dollars, and all components pertaining to the implementation of the lighting project. All options are looked at for the best overall payback combined with an aesthetically pleasing environment

STS will stage and pick up all spent fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps, ballasts, and other items that the US EPA requires regulation of their disposal when we conduct a retrofit project at your hotel. We will then provide a certificate of recycling with our closeout documents from the project.





Lighting Retrofit Program

No-Capital Options – STS can provide solutions with no dollars needed to implement. This will free up capital for other projects, and provide projects that are fully managed and have warranties for peace of mind

Reduce Carbon & Save Money – All of our solutions are focused on saving money while reducing carbon. We will work with you to design and implement plans to propel forward sustainability & ESG goals for your organization

Simple Process to Get Started – STS will guide you through our simple process to start the program. We will gather information from you, perform a site audit, and engineer and design the solution. We will then present you with a full turnkey solution to implement the project.


How to get started

Our Go To Market Strategy

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GreenEnergySymbol.I02.2k Start the conversation

The first step is to connect to our team. 

Click on the “Get Started” button and provide your contact information. One of our energy specialists will reach out to schedule a call with you and members of your team who are familiar with your facility.

filter 1 Discovery Call

Once we connect, we will jump on a call to ask you some questions and collect a little information to understand your property’s energy needs better.

tool 1 Facility Audit

Based on the scope of work we discussed on our call, STS will send a team to walk through your facility to capture the data needed to design a solution that is specific to how you operate.

city 1 Presentation of Findings

Once the audit is complete, we will engineer solutions to help drive down energy costs, while improving the safety and comfort of your building.

list-bullet Implementation

Once you are ready to move forward with the project, our team will come onsite and efficiently implement the agreed-upon scope of work.

STS 5 Step Process _page-0001
No Upfront Capital

Helping Hilton Move Forward

Making Efficiency Work With Your Budget
Financial data analysis

Bulb Traditional Financing Solutions

STS can identify multiple lending institutions that specialize in traditional energy efficiency loans. Rather than the customer shop around for the best offers, STS can vet these companies and bring the best options to the table for the client.

Bulb As-A-Service Financing

We have relationships with lenders that focus on off-balance-sheet financing. This keeps the customer cash flow positive from day one, as this service contract is paid for out of the savings that the project delivers.

Bulb C-Pace Financing

“Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy”(CPACE) is a financing structure in which building owners borrow money for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or other projects and make repayments via an assessment of their property tax bill. This type of financing also can stay off your balance sheet.

Financial data analysis

Ready To Get Started?

Click start here and send us a message. One of our energy specialists will setup a call to discuss how our team can support your energy initiatives.


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